Approaches to Learning

Research shows that if children start school with a strong set of attitudes and skills that help them “learn how to learn,” they will be better able to take advantage of educational opportunities. While some learning skills come naturally to children, others can be developed through a supportive environment. Tips for building learning skills: Let […]

How To Determine What Level of Book is Right for Your Child

Your child isn’t going to become a great reader over night, but it can happen one book at a time. What is the best way for you to choose the right reading material for your child to read? It may be second nature to feel like you should be picking your child’s books, but the fact […]

Learning with Your Hands

In the introduction to Hands-On Science and Math: Fun, Fascinating Activities for Young Children, author Beth Davis observes that “…children exposed to hands-on science instruction gain greater subject-matter understanding than students exposed to only book learning or traditional worksheets. When I doubled the amount of hands-on instruction give to the lowest performing student population in […]

Preschool Learning Crucial

Machines are automating a whole bunch of these things, so learning the softer skills, knowing the human touch and how to complement technology, is critical, and our education system is not set up for that,” said Michael Horn, co-founder of the Clayton Christensen Institute in the New York Times article, “Why What You Learned in […]