Helping Kids Benefit From Their Love of Music

I once heard someone say that a singing child is a happy child. When children throw tantrums, they don’t sing. They sing when they’re playing with toys or splashing in the tub. As a father and a researcher, I’ve learned that music and children are inseparable. And this relationship is so powerful that music can […]

The 10 Most Powerful Things You Can Say to Your Kids

Effective conversation helps parents create lasting, meaningful relationships with their kids. These 10 powerful statements can get you started on your way. The Pew Research Center recently showed parents across America a list of 10 skills, asking the question: “Which of these skills is most important for a child to get ahead in the world […]

Encouraging Nature Play

Parenting is arguably a greater challenge now than at any time in the past century. American adults work longer hours than ever before. Dual-career families are the norm. Worried that our kids will be “left behind,” we schedule almost every waking moment of their lives— school, organized sports, music lessons, sleepovers, summer camps—and rack up […]

Talking with Kids about Health – Babies & Toddlers Ages 0-2

How You Communicate Babies take their cues from you! Even though they may not understand your words, they will respond to the tone of your voice, your emotions and the tension in your body. Touching, holding and talking will help comfort them when they don’t feel well. It will also create positive associations with going […]

Approaches to Learning

Research shows that if children start school with a strong set of attitudes and skills that help them “learn how to learn,” they will be better able to take advantage of educational opportunities. While some learning skills come naturally to children, others can be developed through a supportive environment. Tips for building learning skills: Let […]

Toddler Reading Milestones

At this stage, your toddler learns about reading through everyday experiences with books.Simply through reading with adults, your toddler learns that books contain lots of interesting pictures and words and that stories show her worlds to explore. Toddlers who have been read to will invite others to read to them. When adults stop and talk […]

How Dads Create a Blueprint for Relationships

Today, many dads are far more involved in raising their children than at any other time in history. They play an active role in everything from paternity leave to diaper changing and from drop-offs to pick-ups. Dads are homework helpers and soccer coaches. There are dads who stay at home while their partner works. Other fathers, […]

The Surprising Meaning and Benefits of Nursery Rhymes

When you sing nursery rhymes to your children, you may be telling the same poems and tales that, in some form, were told by firelight from parents to their children centuries ago, perhaps even as far back as the Middle Ages. Determining the origins of these famous tales before they were written down is impossible, […]

10 Year Celebration of Brilliance Family Fun Day

10 Year Celebration of Brilliance Family Fun Day this Saturday, Feb 27th, 10:30-3:00pm We prepared a day packed with fun activities for the Kids and Parents. DJ Xtreme Entertainment Strawberry the Clown Soccer Shots Coach Eddie Entertainment with Mr. Steve 3 in 1 Bounce House Obstacle Course Face Painting Stilt Walkers & Jugglers Food Trucks […]