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Here is why Education Station Preschool is the number one choice for parents and kids in the area of Fort Lauderdale, Lighthouse Point, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach and Boca Raton.


Education Station Testimonials

Heather Fulop

Best experience ever, loved every minute my son spent there. The staff is amazing and couldn’t have asked for anything more.

JenaLee Scott

Our son has absolutely flourished both socially and academically since starting VPK with the help of Ms Talia and Ms Kelly. You can feel the love the teachers and entire staff have for the children attending.

Brittnay Gendreau

I take my child to Education Station Preschool because of the loving staff and wonderful educational environment. There isn’t enough words to describe how great Education Preschool is. The class size is small. So, they get a lot of attention. Enrolling her at Education Station was probably one of the best parenting decisions we’ve ever made.

When my daughter was born, one of the most difficult things we had to do is send our daughter to preschool when she was only 18 months old. We tried another school, but it wasn’t a good fit. When we found Education Station, it was the biggest relief because we immediately knew that this was the place where she needed to be. The staff is amazing. Miss Kelly, Miss Jenna, and all the teachers and support staff know all of the children and parents by name. My daughter loves to go to school. And when I pick her up, she cannot wait to tell me everything she’s learned that day.

The curriculum is very hands on and they do a lot of projects to engage the children. I love to see all that she gets to do at school, whether it’s growing their own pumpkins, cooking, or water play during the summer months. The kids stay busy. I’m always amazing at how much she does every day. Education Station is always doing something exciting and fun for not only the kids but for the families, as well. Their annual Halloween event is one of our favorites. Another thing I love about Education Station is the fact that they encourage the families to interact together during special events at the school. I’ve met so many wonderful parents at the school events that I may not have met during regular pick-up and drop-off.

We love the use of technology to help parents know what’s going on in the classroom. Education Station provides parents access to the curriculum and the daily logs through the app. Each day, we get updates about what the children have learned that day, as well as pictures and video. The school is always very clean, organized, and structured. I can’t say enough about the teachers, atmosphere, play, education, and the love that they show our daughter. They make all kinds of different things that I probably would not have. She comes home eating things like burritos with good ingredients. She also eats chicken cacciatore. Very healthy. The breakfasts always has fruit and milk and pastries. It’s good and she eats it.

Rita R

I take my child to Education Station Preschool because the owner’s dedication, Ms. Kelly’s dedication, and Ms. Jana’s dedication to having a warm and loving facility really shows on a day-to-day basis, with always trying to have activities for the children and enrichment activities. Even the engagement activities for parents so that it can be a community and not just a school.

Not only do they get one-on-one attention but the infant teacher is very loving and very attentive and is always providing guidance or feedback on the child’s day. She’s just very careful with the children. She always expects to always be able to provide the perfect care. The place is very clean. I see the teachers always using best practices for their cleaning methods.

They take pictures of my child engaged in what he does, the activities that they have and I get to see him participating in the various activities that they do. I get to see my kid in action.

They have the locked door, where it’s password-accessible, and not only the security cameras but the vigilance of the teachers. It can be very congestive in the morning or in the pickup time but the teachers are very vigilant. Ms. Jana’s very attentive to parents’ needs, always responsive whenever there’s any questions. And you can tell that, as a mother herself, she knows exactly what we’re asking even before we’re asking it. My experience with Education Station Preschool has been great. My first impression of the owner is her passion and her determination to make it a welcoming school for all children, a safe haven for the children and that’s just what sold me, along with how fabulous it looks.

Nakenya Robinson

I take my children to Education Station Preschool because it’s another place that’s home. Awesome school. It’s a place where I call family. They get to know your family. I pray that they expand because it’s going to be heartbreaking situation when I have to take my two youngest out to put in another school.

The people who work there, they know my family. You have to provide identification. They know who my kids’ father is. And they do stuff with family, like bring your dad day or bring your grandmothers day. I use Life Cubby, they send so many pictures and write so many letters a day. They’re actually writing you at least ten times.

I have four children. And, I used to have to provide breakfast, lunch, and snack. Education Station, you don’t have to worry about, because they know, it’s all based on relationship, again, if your children drink milk or if your children like water. Or even juice. They make it their business. And, when it comes to the food that they have ordered there, my children never complain.

It’s a good thing when you have a school that teach everybody to love and use good words. Say, “Please. Thank you.” My two oldest children go to Education Station for aftercare. They make sure that the homework is done.

Jacqueline Winters

I take my children to Education Station because they provide an institution that is very safe. It allows for me and my husband to go to our place of employment with ease and have comfort in knowing that our children are well taken care of. The warmness of Kelly, she had a very inviting personality. All of the staff were vibrant and I just instantly was in love.

There’s areas set up and workstations so they have time in which they just play with toys. They do hands-on manipulation. She has those little stations which is pretty much set up like how their real school is once they actually get into elementary school. They pretty much had my children really well-prepared once they got into kindergarten and first grade and so on. The projects that they worked on helped them to learn how to use scissors and different things that gave them better mobility, the hands-on manipulation and maneuvering. They do work on social development and how to problem solve and work through problems and issues with other children, using their words.

We do use the fingerprinting machine to pick up your children and drop them off. The doors are coded and all that good thing. It’s a very safe facility. One of my children will eat pretty much anything. I have one that’s really picky and finicky and doesn’t eat anything. But I can say that they have worked with him in helping him to expand his taste buds, something that I was totally at a loss with. Kelly is very much into fitness and health.

I can’t tell you how much it means to a parent to be able to place your child in someone else’s care and go to work and not be stressed. Education Station does a really good job of taking care of each child that’s there. You really feel like your child is their child because they know them all by name, even the parents.

Kelsey Ruehl

I take my child to Education Station Preschool because I know he’s getting the education that he deserves and needs, as well a loving, clean, and safe environment daily. They are absolutely wonderful. They have a curriculum. Good group of staff that are really caring and compassionate about their job. The teachers are wonderful. They’re well-educated. The director is very, very advanced and well-educated, as well as the assistant director that works there. My son is at a preschool that is preparing him for actual school when he starts kindergarten.

Some people consider having their children at a preschool or a daycare as basically a babysitter. Education Station actually has a curriculum they follow. I have to say, in a year, my son has learned an exceptional amount of things. My son is three years old and he already knows his shapes and his colors. They’re very hands on with the children, which it makes it wonderful for a parent to have their child at a place like that.

At Education Station, my son is very rarely sick. I’ve seen them cleaning when I walk in. It smells clean. I use Life Cubby. It’s very easy, accessible. They’ll actually take pictures of the kids doing the activities. You can monitor that on the app, as well as what they did during the day. What kind of things they’re learning in class. You want to know what your kid is doing (chuckles) during the day. So, the app is wonderful.

They offer breakfast and lunch and snacks during the day. The food is fresh. It’s healthy. I know that my son will be eating breakfast there. So, in the morning we have extra time.

Rated OUTSTANDING by State and County Inspection